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Eastwood Towing, Inc. was opened in 1933 in the east end of Waterbury, CT, by William (Bill) O. Messer. Bill operated a small repair shop and soon purchased a tow truck, in a time when repair shops were few and far between, especially shops with tow trucks. Shortly after the purchase of his tow truck, Bill became a contractor with the American Automobile Association (AAA), becoming one of the first AAA service providers in the nation. He then began providing service to local and state police departments. In the early 50s, Bill’s son who had a shared passion for auto mechanics and towing, Charlie, joined the business. Charlie and his wife Lucille, began to grow the business through tireless days and nights. In 1985, Charlie’s son Jim, in his late teens, joined the business and learned everything he could starting from the ground up.

Soon, the business end of Eastwood became Jim’s passion. Jim proudly boasts a Bachelor’s Degree as well as a Master’s Degree in business. In that time, Jim worked in the higher education field, while still managing to work at the family business when he was free. In 1984, Charlie became ill and Jim left his field to take the reins from his father and help the family business continue to flourish. Jim and his wife Patricia have been running Eastwood since the passing of Jim’s beloved father, Charlie, in the mid-1990s. Since that time, the business has grown into a multi-service, diversified, Towing & Transport business, servicing the motoring public, commercial businesses, and state and local police agencies. The fleet has grown tremendously, now with eighteen trucks of various sizes and configurations, as well as four trailers. Eastwood Towing only employs the most qualified staff members who are fully insured and licensed, trained, certified, professional, and pride themselves on being a part of the premier towing and transport service in the area.


Eastwood Towing is proudly in its third generation. We are a family owned and operated business that has been serving Central Connecticut since the 30s.  The next time you need emergency towing or roadside assistance your call will be answered by a courteous dispatcher 24/7. Our dispatchers will determine your needs and dispatch a tow truck to your location as quickly as possible.  Upon arrival our professional drivers will tow you to any location of your choice. At Eastwood, “Towing is our business-Since 1933.”

At Eastwood, besides everyday vehicle towing, we can also help you transport construction equipment as well as provide service to the transportation industries. We are also impounding specialists, and we have a storage impound yard that can store up to 150 vehicles. If you have any questions about the services we offer at Eastwood, please call us at 203-754-4171.

Here at Eastwood, we are proud members of Towing & Recovery Professionals of Connecticut (TRPC), and the Professional Towers of Waterbury (PTOW). Day or night you can rely on us to handle your vehicle safely and transport it to the repair shop of your choice. When it comes to payment, we gladly accept the following payment methods: business checks, MasterCard, Visa, American Express, or cash.

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