Sometimes your towing and transport requirements are different. Instead of transporting a vehicle, you need a shed moved from your house to your farm. On the other hand, maybe you need more specialized service to get your luxury vehicle repaired, or get a fully-restored classic vehicle back in the shop for some cosmetic work, including:

  • Low Deck
  • Landoll Trailers (This is for the transport of equipment, machines, storage tanks, backhoes, forklifts, lulls, pavers, heavily damaged trucks & trailers.)
  • Transport of Containers (20 ft and 40 ft long), Connex Boxes, Storage Sheds, etc.
  • Transport of Office Trailers, Modular Buildings, Portable Classrooms and Mobile Homes (8’ wide through 14’ wide)
  • Escort and Pilot Car Service and more, just call us at 203-754-4171 if you have any questions.

Roadside Assistance


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